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Satnam Architect offers Proper Architecture design Services From 2-d drawing, Interior Designs, Exterior Designs, Landscape Designs, electricity drawings, Plumbing Drawings etc


Architectural Planing

Architecture planning is a plan and design  for creating new houses,malls and shops.likewise the  restructure of new buildings also comes under architectural planning.architectural planning consist of  architectural drawings, sketches, specifications of building process and time calculations.

Interior designer in kotakpura

2d & 3d Designing

3d designing is also known as  three dimensional design .In architecture field we use 3d designing by Using Real Day & Night Lighting Concepts for Visualizing interior and exterior of Architecture planning. so that the people can imagine real structure of the building Before it Comes to an existence.



Landscape Designing is the process of  Using Free or Extra Space at outside the building .we  utilize and manage this free space with the  gardening, fountains, parking tiles etc .by combining culture and nature we create environment friendly designs.



Rendering is the Final process of generating a photo-realistic or non-photo-realistic image from geometry, viewpoint, texture, lighting, shading.We Provide Best Quality rendering on all our Interior and Exterior Photo-realistic Projects.

Effective Team Work

we have team of expert designers who work with their full dedication and experience.

10 Years Experience

we are in the market because of our skills and experience of ten years.

Latest Design Trends

we are always up to date by following latest trends and techniques.

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